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5 Upgrades to Look for in a New AC Unit

new AC unit

Looking to upgrade your Air Conditioning but not sure which AC unit to invest in? Follow these 5 guidelines to choose the best system for you. 

1. The first thing to consider would be the size of the equipment. Parts of the building could have changed windows, insulation values; if there were any upgrades done. If the systems and the size are not correct, it might not be cooling correctly or using too much energy to cool to the same level that a smaller unit would achieve.

2. The second thing to consider is the energy efficiency rating, which most people would hear referred to as SEER. The baseline now is 14 SEER, and we have equipment that can go all the way up to 20 plus SEER. Determining which efficiency is best for your home is very important. Depending on the application, you might not need the most efficient system or, you might want a more efficient system.

3. A third thing to think about would be the options that are available with the equipment i.e. warranties, controls, internal air quality (IAQ) products, different types of filtration that can come with the unit. That all plays into making the machine work the best that it can for the application you need. Typical AC warranties are ten years if installed by a qualified contractor and five years, sometimes none, depending on who does it. Controls could be anything from a simple standard programmable thermostat to touchscreen thermostats to zoning controls to controls that operate off of your cellular phone. Then, consider the IAQ products like filtration, dehumidifiers, and UV light.

4. Another thing to consider is the technology of the equipment; there are many different types of equipment currently available. Ranging from the standard single-speed unit with single-speed fans to variable-speed fans, which most people are aware of. There are even variable speed compressors that vary the capacity of the equipment.

5. Last thing to consider when purchasing air conditioners is the types of air conditioners available. You can go anywhere from a typical old window unit to a spot cooler to a central type system . Packaged units are what most people would consider for a mobile home type installation. There’s the air to air heat pump, which is very common; there’s the water to air heat pump that uses groundwater or water from some source to cool the refrigerant. New technology and the mini-split market allow you to have single condensers and multiple air handlers, which helps with zoning and comfort control throughout the house. Your old typical central system would be one air handler and one condenser, with a duct system that distributes the cool air. You will also only have one thermostat whereas now you can have multiple thermostats and multiple air handlers. 

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