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Ductless air Conditioner Zoning and How it Saves Your Business Money

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Air conditioning can be a significant expense for many people as your AC system runs continuously during the summer. There are many tips and tricks to save on energy costs when it comes to your air conditioner. However, does that keep your office at the desired temperature? 

The best solution to save energy costs while keeping a comfortable temperature is to zone your AC. Doing so gives your entire office the climate control it needs as well as minimizing energy waste. 

How does a ductless split system save me money?

A zoning system saves money in many different ways. 

  1. First off, zoning helps you avoid heating or cooling unused rooms, saving energy, and minimizing your utility bills. If your business has more than one story, you could save even more energy. Since heat rises, offices often need more cooling in summer and less heating in winter on the second floor. Zoning also allows you to install smaller, less expensive heating or air conditioning systems. Because the system will not run in empty rooms, the system will not run as long and as often as a central air or window unit. 
  2. The air handlers and heat pumps need less energy to produce the same cold temperatures as other AC’s. Using less power means lower consumption and reduces your monthly electric bill. The heat pump needs much less electricity to perform than a conventional AC; because it uses a heat exchange process to extract heat and circulate the now-colder air, it doesn’t have to work as hard.
  3.  Ductwork on window systems is usually not sealed effectively, allowing for cold air to escape. That’s losing cool air that you are paying for. With a ductless unit, the tubing is sealed tight, minimizing air escape. The panels are also mounted inside the property, not in a window where air can escape.

Wanting to save money with your AC system?

Are you interested in zoned air conditioning to save money and provide better climate control? Contact us, and we’ll help you select and install a system that’s perfect for your home.