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What Are Germicidal UV Lights And How Do They Work?

Testing indoor air quality in home

Many homeowners struggle with the reality of their indoor air quality being lower than they’d like it to be. Everyone wants to be able to breathe in clean air, especially when they are in their own homes. But airborne contaminants from a variety of different sources can lower the air quality and cause a range of problems. 

And while there are several different products out there that claim to improve indoor air quality, one that is growing in popularity is germicidal UV light. 

What is Germicidal UV Light? 

Germicidal UV lights refer to ultraviolet lights that utilize specific wavelengths of the UV spectrum. The range is usually between 200 and 280 nanometers. Germicidal UV is often used in areas and rooms where the air and surfaces need to be disinfected to protect against harmful bacteria and viruses. UV wavelengths fall outside of the visible light spectrum, so there is no actual light to be seen when germicidal UV light is used to boost air quality. 

How Do They Work? 

When you use germicidal UV light, it will deactivate the DNA of viruses, bacteria and pathogens to destroy their ability to multiply. The specific type of light that is germicidal is called UV-C light, and it damages the nucleic acid of microorganisms and causes them to die when they try to reproduce or replicate. When contaminated air flows through the UV light, the air is cleaned and ready for you and your family to breathe. 

Applications for Germicidal UV Light   

Germicidal light doesn’t use any harsh chemicals; it is a relatively inexpensive way to clean and disinfect the air and it doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. This type of technology has a lot of different applications that include: 

  • Residential homes 
  • Commercial properties 
  • Schools and hotels 
  • Food processing plants 
  • Community swimming pools
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities 
  • And more

Technician testing out HVAC system

Lloyd’s Germicidal UV Lights    

At Lloyd’s Electric, we offer a range of Carrier indoor air quality products including UV lights that are designed to remove contaminants like mold, bacteria and fungi from your home. As your HVAC system works to keep your home comfortable, air continually passes through the cooling coil. As this happens, bacteria, mold and fungi can attach to the damp surface and eventually be released into the different rooms of your home. The UV lights will be mounted near the cooling coil, so that the coil is sterilized and these harmful contaminants won’t have the chance to form. Not only will your HVAC system run more efficiently, but your indoor air will also be free from unpleasant odours and microorganisms. 

Keeping your home free from viruses and bacteria is our priority. Professionally installing a germicidal ultraviolet light can help, so trust the experts at Lloyd’s Electric.