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What is a Mini Split Air Conditioner?

High-Efficiency Air Conditioning System

Ductless mini-split technology is an energy-efficient alternative to the central systems or window AC most of us are used to. AC mini-split is your best bet because they don’t require ducting. You can also cool just one room at a time instead of cooling your entire house with a central air conditioner, which will save you money. They’re also the quietest room air conditioners available since the loudest part, the compressor, is outside so you can use them in your bedroom or in the room where you watch TV. They come with multiple modes like auto mode fan-only mode and heat mode to keep you comfortable all year but keep in mind they need to be professionally installed since refrigerant lines are required to connect the outdoor compressor unit to the indoor air blower. But once it’s installed you’ll have an efficient money-saving air conditioner that looks good, and you’ll barely hear. 

How does a mini-split air conditioner work? 

With a multi-room ductless split, a single outdoor condenser acts as a motor for the whole system. This condenser via line sets powers the indoor air handlers and chills the refrigerant. These units can be wall-mounted or even recessed into the ceiling for a flush look. Each room has its air handler giving you complete control over the comfort in your individual spaces; the kids can have their bedrooms at one temperature while the master bedroom is a few degrees cooler. Many systems are Energy Star rated reducing your energy bill and environmental impact.

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