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Introducing SNAP with Carrier Canada & Lloyd’s

Meet SNAP, your personal funding asset that’s easy and straightforward.

Finance is within your reach — even if you have bad debt or no credit history.

SNAP will build a new credit relationship with you, giving you a chance to access the funds you need to make your house feel homely, warm, and comfortable. It all starts with that first contact. Reach us today, let’s find the best way to help you.

The SNAP team are experienced and skilled consultants. Lloyd’s is proudly associated with SNAP, bringing value to all of our customers and making the dream of a comfortable and cozy home easily accessible.


SNAP is the fast, flexible, easy way to pay for your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs without having to wait. It’s the consumer-friendly financial program endorsed by your local dealer.

Why go to the bank when you can simply click on the pre-approved logo below and complete our secure credit application? With SNAP, credit decisions take just minutes!

With SNAP you will enjoy:

  • Up to 100% financing for all your home comfort needs.
  • No down payment necessary
  • As well as a variety of financing offers, including:

    • Low monthly payment program
    • Open loan – Pay off the entire loan at any time, without penalties
    • Personal and confidential
    • Easy deductions from your bank account
    • Take up to 12 years to pay


  • SNAP involves a simple online application that takes minutes!
  • You get on-the-spot pre-approval without having to wait.
  • There is no down payment required.
  • You get to pay off your loan anytime, without the possibility of a penalty.

A Loan That Reduces Your Monthly Utility Bills

An improved energy-efficient heating and cooling system for your home can cut your monthly expenses. While you may require a loan to help you pay for the initial installment in the long term, the reduced utility bills will offer a greater saving over time.

You may also find yourself better able to thrive in your home environment. Improved sleep with the necessary temperature control can lead to improved productivity in the daytime. It will also improve your mental health and boost your immune system if you’re managing the room’s heating and cooling effectively.

Paying for your furnace is an investment in your quality of life, your health, and it does offer a financial saving over time as your utility bills drop. You can safely say that taking out a loan, with SNAP to cover your home maintenance work, is a worthwhile investment.

Bad Credit? SNAP Is For You

Can finance be simple to arrange? SNAP believes it should be easy, secure and super fast. SNAP also makes finance available to everyone, regardless of your credit history. The process for approval is simple and straightforward.

A negative credit record does not always represent your current situation, with fairness.

We get it. Whether you’ve been unfairly listed for bad credit, are still paying it off or if you simply have no credit history, SNAP is here for you. Enjoy the same comforts of life — such as heating and cooling in your home — that others can enjoy.

SNAP offers HVAC and furnace financing near you. SNAP also makes home care and maintenance easy to access, even if you don’t have the cash in hand right now.

Improve your level of productivity by optimizing your comfort levels. Functioning at the ideal temperature will make it easier to maintain concentration levels. This is especially important if you’re working from home.

With winter around the corner, finding easy and accessible furnace financing for bad credit near you isn’t easy. If you’re based in Ontario, SNAP makes it easy and straightforward. Contact us to learn more!

Start Saving Money Now!

Seeking cost-effective furnace repair near you?

There’s no need to put off installing a more energy-efficient, cost-effective home comfort system. We make it simple — so start saving money now!

What To Expect When You Contact Us

Reach us via our contact us page and fill out the contact form. Provide us with some insight into your needs and your financing requirements.

Next, we’ll send you a response via email to let you know that we have received your correspondence. Our team is super-responsive but we are only available during business hours, you may have to wait for a member of our team to be available to reach you.

We’ll ask you to complete a few application forms and let you know whether or not you will qualify for finance through SNAP. SNAP is one of the few lenders that offers finance at fantastic repayment rates to anyone, regardless of their credit rating at the present time.

If you need help with financing your home’s heating and cooling in Woodstock, we urge you to get in touch. SNAP will give you a fast and affordable hand with finance.